Spring Life Update!

Long time no blog. I can’t believe this is my first blog of the year! I’ve really missed expressing myself through blogging, it’ such a huge passion of mine but I guess life just got in the way.  I’m so excited to be back blogging and I’ve already written a long list of blog posts I can’t wait to write!

For my first blog back I thought I’d fill you in on everything that’s been happening!

So the first bit of news is that I’ve just started studying for a Post Graduate Diploma in Photography! I’ve been passionate about photography for a longggg time now so I’m super excited to learn more from the experts. I’m studying from home around work and there are 15 assignments to complete! The tutor gives you lots of feedback which is amazing because I think that’s the perfect way for me to improve and get better!

In other news some of you may know I’ve been writing for a local magazine for almost two years now. They asked me to write for them after stumbling on this very blog! It was an amazing opportunity but it got to the point where time was a factor and I really had to think about what my main priority is and at the moment it’s photography. For that reason, I decided not to write for them anymore which I am sad about but I know it’s the right decision for me. I will of course still continue to write – through this blog!

On a happier note I now have a  permanent job! I was temping in a role working in events and comms and its now turned in to a permanent job. It’s a really varied role working with a nice team of people so I was very happy to be offered the opportunity!

Another thing that happened was that I had a little health scare. I wasn’t feeling great so I went to the doctors and she sent me away for a blood test. Three things were not great with the results. One was that my platelets were up – this is a sign that something may not be quite right. It also came back with low iron and the blood test they do related to the liver was high – so much so I was referred to hospital for an ultrasound. It was a bit of shock because I rarely even drink alcohol so I wondered what it could be.

The doctor doing the scan seemed to take ages and then he said I’m going to get someone else to scan you too. When he said that I convinced myself something was seriously wrong with me…ten minutes later I was told I had the all clear…phew! It turned out the person scanning me was new which is why someone else had to scan me!!

It sounds silly but ten minutes of thinking I was seriously ill has really changed my outlook on life. I can’t stop thinking ‘What if they had actually found something ‘(which for a short time I thought they had!). It’s made me determined to make every day count…here’s to taking more risks!

I’m going to write a new post soon about the future risks I plan on taking…watch this space!




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