The Happiness Wheel – How I’m Getting Happy!

I will never forget when I first heard about the wheel of happiness – life-changing moment! So what is it? Well, the wheel of happiness is full of the aspects of your life that make you happy. The key to happiness is to get as many of them working as possible so when a few aspects aren’t going right the other ones are! It made me realise that whenever I’m having a bad day and think everything is wrong with my life it’s not its actually just one or two elements of it.

Here’s what’s in the wheel:

  • Business/Career
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Family and friends
  • Romance
  • Personal growth
  • Fun and recreation
  • Physical environment

I use the wheel to assess my life and realise what areas I need to focus on to get happy. Here’s how my life is currently going in each area!

Here’s how my life is currently going in each area!

Business/Career – 7/10

I’ve given this a 7/10 mainly because I know where I’m heading in this area – something I haven’t always been able to say. If all goes well this has a potential to a be a 10/10! I’m in the process of setting up my own photography business – my ultimate dream. I’m determined to make it a sucesss!

Finances – 8/10

I’m temping at the moment to pay the bills whilst I set up my business. I have savings too so I have no financial worries and feel this isn’t an area I need to focus on at the moment.

Health – 6/10

Physically I’m in tip-top shape but what I really need to work on is my anxiety. I’m such a worrier and overthink everything which often leaves me feeling quite anxious over the smallest of things.

Family and friends – 7/10

To make this a 10/10 I feel I need to make more an effort to keep in contact with people. There are some people who are very important to me that I only see a few times a year. I need to make an effort to see them more regularly.

Romance – 0/10

I’ve rated this as 0/10 but it’s probably more like minus ten! This area of my life is a disaster, absolutely diabolical, couldn’t be any worse!! The thing with me is that I fall hard for people. I develop deep feelings quickly and when it doesn’t work I keep trying to make it work because I struggle to say goodbye to people. Not moving on leaves me stuck concentrating on someone that doesn’t work and prevents me finding anyone else.

Personal growth – 7/10

I’d say I’m someone who is always looking to better themselves. From self-help books to affirmation apps to courses in photography or cooking I’m always trying to be the best I can be.

Fun and recreation – 5/10

I feel I have my hobbies sussed which are mainly creative such as blogging, writing for a magazine and taking photos. What’s missing is the fun! I don’t have nowhere near as much fun, everything I do usually has a goal. More fun needed!

Physical environment – 8/10

I live in a flat and I love it. It’s quiet and in a  nice area. I moved in earlier this year and all that’s needed now is the last few finishing touches to make it feel more homely.

So from using the wheel of happiness, I can see that my business and career is heading in the right direction and I have no worries over my finances at the moment.  I can also see I need to work on my anxiety and meet up with my friends and family more and a major area of unhappiness is the romance in my life! The personal growth section is a reminder that I am working to be a better person and the fun and recreation part shows me that fun is missing from my life. The last section confirms that I’m living in the right place for me.

From this, I feel like the main priority is for me to find a boyfriend but saying that all the areas are linked. If I’m less anxious and having more fun it will be easier to find someone!

What areas are you working on I’d love to know in the comments! 




  1. 15th October 2017 / 8:52 pm

    Business/Career – 1/10 – I have some qualifications but don’t even have decent work experience, let alone a job!

    Finances – 2/10 – I’m good at being frugal and at somewhat organizing the finances I do have (never used a credit card or been in the red etc,) but I definitely need more sources of income and to more actively organize my money.

    Health – 4/10 – I’ve been working on getting to my ideal weight and am just 2 lbs off, so I’m close to my current health goal and don’t have too much difficulty with achieving in terms of health, but it could be better!

    Family and friends – 4/10 – I don’t see my family much and don’t have any close friends, but I’m a very introverted, private person and really function best and feel happiest when I’m able to self-reflect etc, so this isn’t something that bothers me too much. I’m in a group chat with all my immediate family (10 members) so it’s not too bad!

    Romance – 8/10 – It’s not absolutely flawless but I am in a relationship with an amazing man, and I think we’re doing really, really well together!

    Personal growth – 3/10 – I could definitely do with putting more into my education, trying new things, learning new skills etc, but I do have a lot of good intentions in this area and I have many ideas of things I’d like to do more of.

    Fun and recreation – 2/10 – I could have less fun, but I definitely don’t allow myself to have anywhere near as much fun as I should do.

    Physical environment – 8/10 – We don’t keep our flat tidy whatsoever and I think we would ultimately prefer to live somewhere more rural than where we do, but we absolutely adore our flat and it’s in an amazing location for the both of us, and has really convenient transport routes too!

    That was fun!

  2. First of May
    20th October 2017 / 6:43 pm

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do it!

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