My Top Five First Date Ideas

So you’ve joined an online dating site, found someone you’re interested in and exchanged a few flirtatious messages. You’ve swapped numbers, chatted on the phone and realised you want to meet them but where to go?

Here are my top five first date ideas!

1) Coffee Shop date!

One of the best first dates because you can control how long it lasts.  If you don’t like your date down your drink as fast as you can and get out of there as soon as possible or if you totally click take slow sips!

2) A trip to the Zoo

You don’t have to worry about awkward silences for this date idea. You’ll be constantly moving around so there will be plenty to talk about. It’s a casual relaxed atmosphere where you can really let your personality shine and have fun looking at all the cute animals!

3) Go for a stroll

This is a good date idea if you are realllly nervous! You won’t be awkwardly gazing into each other’s eyes from across a table. You’ll be walking side by side getting to know each other in the great outdoors!

 4) Get an ice cream together

Who doesn’t love an ice cream! A variety of ice cream flavours topped with sprinkles is going to make any date better and if your date isn’t right for you it’s the best food to have to console yourself with!

5) Head to the ice skating rink

If you’re good at ice skating you can impress your date with your amazing skills and if you’re not you can get close to your date as you grab on to them for dear life. Win win!

If you haven’t found anyone you’d like to go on a date with yet then a good way to find someone is to join an online dating site. There are so many sites you can join such as location specific ones.  There’s one for every location you can think of such as a Lothian dating site in Scotland, Portsmouth dating and a Wiltshire dating site in the south, a County Durham dating site in the North East and a Warwickshire dating site in the West Midlands plus many more! Google your location to find one near you!

What’s the best first date you’ve been on I’d love to know in the comments!

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  1. 27th August 2017 / 11:16 am

    Skating a fab idea for singles!

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