How To Get Over Someone

Getting over someone is tough but it is possible! It never feels like it in the moment. In the moment it feels like your heart will be broken forever and it will be impossible to move on without that person by your side.

I’ve been through it and let me tell you it is possible! Here’s how I did it:

  1. I GOT SAD!

At first, I let my true emotions come out. I got sad…I cried…I moped about. It was my minds way of processing what happened and I really needed that time to think and reflect on the whole situation.


The birthday present he got me, the photos of us together on my phone, that t-shirt of his that he left at my place. I got rid of it or at least kept it out of sight. The aim was to think about him less and that’s almost impossible with constant reminders everywhere.


This is the tough part. No contact whatsoever. It’s hard because it’s breaking a habit. Going from contacting him all day to nothing is a big change. No contact is the only way to break the addiction. Blocking is your best bet but if you can’t do that at least delete his number. You don’t want to be tempted to look at when they were last online because then your mind will go into overdrive trying to figure out what they’re doing!


Whether it’s planning things you can do with your friends or things you can do alone you need to keep busy! This is so you think about him less and also so you don’t get bored and reach for your phone and contact him. When I was getting over someone I got into a routine of going to coffee shops, the gym and long walks. Staying in deep thought in my flat just wasn’t an option!


The last step is what makes me move on the most. Someone else to think about and spent time with. The only thing with this step is although it might help the most it’s not something you can do straight away. There’s no point dating someone while you’re hung up on someone else, it won’t work so this step is the very last one.

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How have you got over someone? I’d love to know in the comments!

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