The Weekly Blog: Week One – Stuck in a Rut

This is my first weekly blog – like a weekly vlog but a blog! I’ll be writing about what I’ve been up to in the week and how I’m feeling – basically a diary that everyone can see!

My blog so far has mainly been reviews of what I’m loving in life but now I’m moving it more towards my life. After 2 years of blogging I feel like I need to change it up a bit and in years to come it will be great to look back on what I’ve been up to. Also by making it so public hopefully, it will encourage me to take more chances and risks to give me lots of exciting content!

So this week was my first day back at work after a week away. Not massively happy at my job, I’m constantly searching for the perfect opportunity and the right career that I can grow and progress in. It’s quite frustrating because I search all the time but the majority of opportunities in my area don’t match the dreams and goals that I desperately want to fulfil. I feel a bit stuck in a rut but temping pays the bills and I work with a nice team of people in a great location.

After work I met up with a friend I randomly bumped into two weeks ago. Before that we hadn’t seen each other for nine years! I get so nervous about meeting people I haven’t seen in years. I’m not sure why, I guess I never know if we will still get on or if they will be surprised by how I look now (I have aged by a decade!) We met on a college course twelve years ago and although we are complete opposites we formed an unlikely friendship and still get on to this day. We met up in Caffe Nero – a coffee shop around the corner from where I work. It was good to catch up and reminisce about old times and talk about how our lives have changed over the years. I hope we can keep in touch more regularly and it won’t be another nine years before we meet again!

Also this week I’ve also been going to the gym a lot. I’m on a losing weight mission! One of the classes I  went to this week was Body Attack and it absolutely killed me. It’s a high-intensity aerobics class with press ups and lots of running! By the end of it my face was bright red and I couldn’t breathe but I felt so much better for it.

I also went to a spinning class which is an indoor cycling workout. The teacher got off her bike and started to walk around the room and looked at everyone’s display screens to see how hard they were working. This instantly filled me with dread! She stopped at mine and said this is too easy and cranked up the resistance on my bike. I felt soooo embarrassed! I hate being singled out especially in a negative way. I’m sure she was only trying to make sure I got the best out of the class but it has dented my confidence. The best way to recover will be to go to another spinning class as soon as possible!






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