How to Move From Texting to Meeting Your Online Date

It’s happened, you’ve found an amazing person on an online dating site. You message them constantly and can’t help but smile whenever your Whatsapp dings and the message is from them! This goes on for days, weeks…wait what….months! Hmmm as much as you like them you aren’t looking for a pen friend…you’re looking for the potential love of your life (or at least to go on a date!)

It can be really hard to go from chatting to meeting in person. The first person I met online I had been chatting to for months! I was a nervous wreck to meet them and never thought I’d be able to but I was feeling lonely so still continued to message them.

Then out of nowhere, I happened to bump into them! It was a major shock I was like oh…er hi! Then I kept on walking! I can’t actually believe I kept on walking but I felt so off guard, had no clue what to say and was just in major shock!

Five minutes later I texted him saying I’m so sorry I didn’t stop and chat. He then said that’s ok so when are you meeting me for a date? I thought oh so his seen me and doesn’t think I’m a hideous mess and still wants to meet me – that finally gave me the confidence to meet him.

Of course bumping into your online date is only going to happen by chance so what can you do to actually make it happen!

Make it clear you want to meet!

It can be hard as women to make it clear you want to meet your online date. Most wait for the guy to ask but if he’s shy, laid back or unconfident you could be waiting a longggg time. One of the best ways to ask someone out informally is to ask them to go somewhere you are already going to. Say I’m going to a festival I would say I’m so excited to go to this new music festival I think you’d like it you should come! Saying you should come is such an informal way to ask someone out. They don’t have to say yes or no they could follow up with a question – it’s pretty risk-free. It also takes away the risk for him to ask you out in the future because you’ve made it clear you want to meet him!

Don’t text too much!

Texting is great to spark an interest or plan an actual date! Endless texting might feel good in the short term but it could be creating a connection that doesn’t translate into real life and is, therefore, wasting your time.

Talk to them on the phone

Talking on the phone is more real than texting so chat to them on the phone to see if you actually get on at that level. If you hit it off on the phone it could take away any worries that you wouldn’t get on in person and therefore make it easier to meet!

Ask why you haven’t met

Guessing games suck so just ask them why they think you haven’t met yet. If they haven’t met anyone online before it might be a challenge for them or if there’s another reason understanding what it is can help you come up with a solution together.

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Have you been stuck in the situation where you are just texting? I’d love to know in the comments!

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