The Type of Guy I’m Looking For on a Dating Site!

If you’re on a dating site chances are you want to find that person who would be just perfect for you! I often wonder who the person I’m looking for is. I figured if I understand who I’m looking for he’d be much easier to find…right?

So here’s what I’m looking for in a guy:

A happy person!

I’m definitely looking for a happy person! I guess my perfect guy would have their life pretty much figured out apart from missing that special person to share it with. On their profile, I’d be looking for lots of smiley photos showing them loving life!

An amazing sense of humour

They often say the way to a women’s heart is through making her laugh and that certainly is the case for me. I’d love to find someone who makes me laugh until my cheeks hurt! I’ll be sure to be on the lookout for some hilarious jokes in their profile!

Super confident!

I’m not the most confident person in the world so I’d love to find a guy who is really confident! I love being around confident people because it helps to bring that side of me out so it’s definitely a must for a potential partner. Their photos and the words they use in their profile will give me a clue if they have this trait!

A positive person!

I’d love to meet a guy that sees the glass as half full and always looks for the good in every situation they’re in no matter what! I’ll see this in the words they use in their profile. If they’re talking negatively about an ex or have an extensive list of what they aren’t looking for they probably won’t be for me.

A sporty guy

I tend to always go for a sporty guy! I just love guys that participate in sports such as boxing, tennis or football or are just really active and love the gym! Hopefully, they will indicate this when they talk about their hobbies and interests!

Fingers crossed I find my dream guy and that he will live close by me. One way to be sure he lives near me is to join a local dating site. There are so many local dating sites you can join from a Nottinghamshire dating site Strathclyde dating site  to a Cornwall dating site and Cheshire dating site .

What kind of person are you looking for on a dating site? I’d love to know in the comments!

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