Messages I’ve Received on Dating Sites!

One of the amazing things about dating sites is how you can connect with people you wouldn’t usually meet in your day to day life. It all starts with the chosen words someone writes in a message to get your attention and spark up something new.

Some messages I get make me excited to click on the persons profile and find out more about them. Others I receive don’t tend to give me the urge to write out a reply!

Here are some messages I’ve received on dating sites and what I thought when I received them:

Knock knock?

When I got this I had to reply. I was intrigued to find out what they were going to say!


I can’t remember ever replying to a message where someone has said hi. When I see hi I wonder if they have looked at my profile and if they have messaged the same to as many women as possible!

Hi, so do you play tennis or are you strictly a spectator? 
My Dad is the biggest tennis fan in the world. I don’t think he’s 
ever gotten over the fact that I’m not Andy Murray!

I really like this message because I mention in my profile that I’m a huge tennis fan. It shows they took the time to read my profile and tailor a message to what they had read about me.  I also love that the message had some humour to it. Tick, tick, tick!

Hello there. Never sure how to write one of these so just thought I'd say 
you look lovely and have an interesting profile. Please stop by mine and 
have a read. If you are interested come back and chat.

This is a nice message but screams copy and paste to me. I wonder how many other women have received the same message?

I’m sure I have seen you somewhere before but I can’t think where?

This is usually a line and they haven’t seen me before but I always reply because I need to know where they think they’ve seen me!

I definitely think tailored messages are the best ones to receive as well as ones that create intrigue so it’s impossible to not reply! There are so many dating sites you can sign up to whatever your location such as Warwickshire dating , London dating ,  Western Isles dating ,  and Basingstoke dating sites to message people a well thought out message!

What are the best and worst messages you have received on dating sites? I’d love to know in the comments!

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