What Happened When I Met My Online Date in Cambridge

I will never forget when I met my first online date. After weeks of Whatsapp messages and phone calls, the time had come to actually meet them in person. To say I was a nervous wreck would be a huge understatement.  I was petrified! What if they didn’t like me? What if I didn’t like them? What if we didn’t like each other….awkward!

Getting ready for the date was a lengthy process. It consisted of trying on at least five outfits, putting my hair up then down then up again, and changing my shade of lipstick at least a dozen times.

Once I was ready it was time to take a deep breath, head out the door and make my way to the date. We decided to meet at a coffee shop in Cambridge. I always think a coffee shop is the perfect first date location, it’s a good place to chat and see if the connection you developed online turns into a genuine connection in person. A coffee date can also be short or long….depending on how you get on!

When I walked into the coffee shop, there he was! He looked even better than his photos and welcomed me with a big smile which instantly melted away a lot of the anxiety I had about meeting. He bought me a drink and then we started chatting. It was so natural and the conversation really flowed. I didn’t even need any of the questions I had memorised to ask him incase there was an awkward silence. It must have been 5 minutes after saying our goodbyes that I got a text from him asking me if I would like to go a second date…this resulted in a huge smile on my face!

I was so pleased with myself that I had met someone from a dating site and it had gone well. I’m quite a shy person so it wasn’t something I’d ever have imagined doing, I was wayyyy out of my comfort zone but I pushed myself to do it because it’s so hard to meet people these days (especially if you’re shy!) and online dating seemed like a good way to meet new people. There are of course some questionable characters online so you have to be careful but there are also some lovely guys and who knows your perfect partner! So whether you’re looking for Cambridgeshire dating ,  Peterborough dating or Bedfordshire dating , whatever your location online dating could be for you!

What have your online dates been like? I’d love to know in the comments!

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