The Best Date I’ve been on in Cambridge

Punting in Cambridge is incredibly popular, even major A-list celebrities have been trying it out. Most notably the football genius that is David Beckham and his fashion icon wife Victoria Beckham. It’s such a fun and relaxing date idea that gives you and your date a beautiful glimpse of some of the most famous landmarks Cambridge has to offer. I would even go as far to say that punting was the best date I’ve been on in Cambridge!

So what exactly is punting? A punt is a type of boat that’s used on small rivers. To move it you have to stand on the punt and drag the pole into the water (whilst you try not to fall in!)  It’s such a great date idea because you can hire a punt for just the two of you in such a romantic setting!

When I went on the punting date we’d been dating for a while and knew each other pretty well. Of course I made him do all the punting and he used it as the perfect opportunity to flex his muscles and show off a little. I loved how we were facing each other, chatting away and having a laugh as the punt didn’t always do exactly what he wanted it to do.

The date took place on a hot summers day and the blue sky made the colleges and gardens look even more amazing so much so that the whole date felt like something out of a movie. I was literally waiting for Hugh Grant to punt past us! To make it even more romantic I packed a little picnic that we enjoyed as we made our trip down the River Cam.

You can also get a chauffeured punting ride where a tour guide will punt for you and tell you all the history and interesting facts about your surroundings…not quite as romantic as going it alone. My date actually took on the role as the tour guide (I think he was trying to impress me) I have no idea if what he was saying was right but it was really sweet that he was at least making an effort to sound like he knew what he was talking about!

It was definitely a date that I will never forget! It’s a great date idea for Cambridge singles , or even for Bedfordshire singles or Northampton singles who have found an amazing person to go on a date together to remember!

What’s the best date you’ve been on? I would love to know in the comments!

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