Book Review: Face by Pixiwoo

Face by Pixiwoo is a must have beauty manual that is jammed packed with advice and recommendations to create the perfect look that is right for you! It features seven easy to follow sections accompanied with beautiful photos that are sure to inspire you and have you reaching for your makeup bag.

The seven sections are:


The first section is about the right tools you need to apply your makeup. I was really shocked to read that you’re supposed to clean your makeup brushes three times a week! (who knew!)


This includes everything you need to know about cleansers, toners and moisturisers. It also lists the characteristics of each skin type so you can identify if you have sensitive, dry, oily or combination skin.There’s also advice about how to reduce dark circles under your eyes (I need to know this!)


This includes so many useful tips about applying makeup to your brows. From how to hold the brush to brow creams and gels, it’s all the essential info you need.


Here you can read about what colour eyeshadow suits your eye colour and also how to apply eyeliner (something I usually find very tricky!)


Struggle with applying false eyelashes? This has the answer to your problems with an easy to follow step by step guide. It also covers lash treatments such as lash extensions and even lash perming!


This will teach you how to make your makeup look come together and includes everything you need to know about powder, contouring, blushers and even setting spray.


Here you discover really useful information such as how to correct your lip shape and all round lip care.



Face by Pixiwoo is perfect for you if you know the basics of makeup but want to learn some tricks and tips to enhance your knowledge and as a result, dramatically improve your overall makeup look.  I love how you can also download the app that accompanies the book and scan it across the pages to reveal secret videos with even more tips. Amazing!

I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learnt and improve my makeup!

What’s your favourite makeup tip? I’d love to know in the comments?



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