Reflecting on Past New Years Resolutions

This time last year I posted a blog post about new years resolutions I hoped to keep in 2016. I’ve just read that post back to see how many of them I managed to keep! Here’s how I got on:

1.Move into a new place

YES – I did achieve this resolution in record time. I viewed a flat on the 2nd January 2016 and put a deposit down that day. It was a great feeling to achieve one of my goals so early on in the year.

2. Keep a journal

NO – Well I kept one for a few weeks if that counts! It doesn’t surprise me that I failed at this resolution. Whenever I find one of my old diaries it contains about 2 weeks of entries along with a whole lot of blank pages! I really hope one year I manage to write in a journal every day because I love reading them back and reminiscing.

3. Paint my nails more

NO – I’ve painted my nails plenty of times this year but not more than usual. I love experimenting with new colours so this is a new years resolution that I will definitely be carrying over into 2017.

4. Go to more classes at my gym

NO -I ended up going to classes less so I well and truly didn’t achieve this one. I do really enjoy the classes so this is again another resolution that I will be carrying over.

5. Worry less

NO – I wish this one would have been a yes but I’ve always been a worrier. I need to put a lot more effort in to ensure this is no longer the case.

6. Save for a rainy day

YES – I have got better at saving this year. I always think about how much I really need something before I buy it. I used to buy things without even thinking so I’m really pleased there has been some improvement in this area.

7. Explore my hometown more

NO – I’ve ended up going to all the same places which is a shame because where I live has so much more to offer. I will make it a priority to go to more new places in 2017!

8. Write thing to do lists

YES – Oh how I love a to do list! This is something I have written more and more of this year. It increases my productivity levels by at least 1000% so I tend to write one most days for work and also my everyday life.

9. Be in more photos

NO- This resolution was another epic fail. I can count on my hand how many photos I had taken of me throughout 2016. I have to be in more in 2017 because I know how much I’d love to look back on the memories they capture in years to come.

10. Grow my blog

YES – I gave my blog a revamp this year with a new name and design and as a result my blog has really grown. I can’t wait to continue to grow it in 2017!

So it turns out I  didn’t keep many of my new year’s resolutions. I think the main reason why is that I start off well with them fresh in my mind but as the weeks and months go by I slowly forget about them. When reading back my post about what I wanted to achieve in 2016 I couldn’t remember over half of what I’ve written. For my 2017 resolutions I’m going to write them down and put them on the wall so I have a constant reminder of what I want to achieve.

How did you get on with your new year’s resolutions I’d love to know in the comments!



  1. 28th December 2016 / 7:17 pm

    It’s so hard to stick to New Year resolutions. I know I hardly stuck to any of mine! Maybe i’ll try harder in 2017… I love your ‘be in more photos’ resolution, I need to try this too, we have so many photographs of my partner but hardly any of me. I always picture my children asking why there are no younger photos of mummy but loads of daddy, which makes me sad!

    • Tracey Dean
      30th December 2016 / 6:38 pm

      I think I’m going to take loads of photos and hope the more I take the less it will bother me. Happy New Year!

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