My Attempt At Pumpkin Carving!


Not long until Halloween and I  couldn’t wait to pick up some pumpkins and get pumpkin carving! I would love to have picked some out at a pumpkin patch but not having one near by meant I went to the next best place…my local garden centre!

I chose three pumpkins and planned to carve a different design into each one. After searching online for templates I found a cat one I liked and also one with the words ‘Happy Halloween’. For the final pumpkin I decided to make  a traditional one using the shape cutters that came with a pumpkin carving kit I bought off eBay. The kit also contained a carving knife and a scoop that were bound to  come in very handy!

I’m definitely a  beginner at pumpkin carving and things didn’t quite go to plan!  It started with the setup. I put down lots of newspaper, had a glass bowl to put the inside of the pumpkin in and my carving kit was at the ready along with the templates I had printed out. I also bought a cute little pumpkin tin to put the contents of the carving kit in.


The first step was to remove the top of the pumpkin. The knife that came with the kit broke within seconds so I ended up using a normal knife. Once the lid was off I scooped out the inside using the scooper. My bowl was soon filled with pumpkin and seeds, it seemed a shame for it to all go to waste. Next year when I carve pumpkins again I will use it to bake pumpkin flavoured everything! I’ve always wondered what it tastes like because I’ve never  tried pumpkin before which seems strange to say considering I buy one every year.

Once the inside was all scooped out it was a relief that the lid  fitted back on top and  it was now time to carve the design. I decided to use the shape cutters for my first one with the aim of it to look like a traditional jack-o-lantern. The idea is you push the cutters into the pumpkin and it makes an indent that you can then carve out.  Mine didn’t make much of a mark so I ended up carving out what I thought it should look like and hoping for the best!


For my second pumpkin the plan was to use the cat template but the design was to big for the pumpkin I had so I drew it freehand . Then it was time to carve the final one and how the others turned out made me realise my plan to carve ‘Happy Halloween’  may have been slightly ambitious so I went for the simpler option of carving out my initials instead!

For the lights to go inside I went for LED tea lights. I wasn’t sure if they would be strong enough to make a good enough effect but I put my pumpkins outside and waited for darkness to find out.





I was so surprised how much they lit up! They glowed brightly and the LED lights flickered making it seem like there was a real candle inside!

So there you have it these are this year’s pumpkins.They’re very basic but I’m a beginner so fingers crossed they’ll be a bit more advanced next year!











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