What Happened When a Magazine Editor Found My Blog

I haven’t written many blog posts lately but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing because I have…for a magazine!

It was just a normal day when I logged on my computer to check my emails and there was one from a Magazine Editor! She said she had stumbled across my blog and asked if I would like to be a Regular Contributor to a magazine! It was so exciting to read, such a great surprise!  I was shocked that someone thought my writing would be good enough to be in print but it really meant a lot to learn that someone did. It felt like a fantastic opportunity and I very quickly replied yes!

The magazine is a monthly lifestyle and events publication for those living in East Anglia which is the region in England where I live. I’ve got my own monthly column where I write about what’s happening near me and I also take on additional features. One of the first features I wrote was about Christmas party venues. I wrote it in July ready for it to come out in September! I’m someone who really loves Christmas so I didn’t mind thinking about it that early!

Working on the magazine I’m sure will really improve my writing skills. It’s very different to blog writing. With my blog, I choose all the topics, the word counts and the deadlines. For the magazine these are set  for me which brings new writing challenges.

My first magazine came out this month and it was so exciting to see. Here’s to many more articles!






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