Life Update: New hair and Moving Home!

I’ve been thinking of changing my hair up for a while. I get bored of it so easy. I’ve dyed my hair a number of shades in the past. I tend to go from red, to brunette then blonde then red again followed by brunette. You get the idea…I’m always changing it up! I think it’s because when I was younger my Mum never let me dye my hair so as soon as I was old enough I decided to change it every colour I could think of (I’ve yet to dye it blue, pink or green though!)

I thought it would be great to start the year with a fresh new look. I instantly knew I wanted to go brunette again. I soon started to type in multiple google searches to be inspired and to find a hair colour I wanted. After a lot of thought I decided to go for a chocolate brown shade.

As well as changing up the hair colour I also wanted a new style. I went for a lob in the end. It’s very in and I love how much shape my hairstyle now has because of it.

Here’s the new look:


Also the other big news is that I’m moving into a new flat! If you saw my post about my News Years Resolutions you will know that moving into a new place was something I really wanted to achieve. It’s great to achieve it so early on in the year and I’ve been shopping for the past couple weeks for the perfect items to make it feel like home. The flat comes furnished so it’s mainly items for the kitchen and cushions, art, candles (all the fun stuff to buy) that I’ve been on the hunt for.

I’ve also been looking for the best rates for bills (internet, home insurance, water etc!) There’s so much to do but I have a week off of work to move in and get settled. Exciting times!

Look out for a New Flat post once I’ve moved in!


    • 26th January 2016 / 12:47 pm

      Thank you! Good luck with the move x

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