Christmas Lush Haul!

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Lush have really upped their game with seasonal bath bombs and bubble bars.  I was recently at the Lush store in Cambridge, UK and couldn’t resist picking up a number of festive items. It’s become a tradition of mine to go on a spending spree at Lush every Christmas!

Here’s what I couldn’t resist buying:

5 Gold Rings Bubble Bar – £4.95

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This left my bath smelling a lot like The Body Shop’s White Musk which is a scent that I happen to love! You only need to crumble one gold ring in your bath for it to create plenty of bubbles. I’ve used a Gold Ring in my last three baths and I will be so disappointed when the last two have gone!

Dashing Santa Bath Bomb – £2.95

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I had to get this bath bomb because you can’t get much more chrismassy than Santa! It’s scent matches it’s Christmas  appearance because it smells like the fruit you may find in your stocking…satsumas! It’s one of the cheaper bath bombs that Lush stock but the quality is still there and when I got mine the staff said that this bath bomb has been flying off the shelves!

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb – £3.95

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This bath bomb was the first ever Lush product I bought and what a good choice it was because it’s one of my all time favourites. If you shake the present shaped bomb it makes a noise and that’s because the inside is filled with silver stars that escape once the bath bomb dissolves in to the water.  It smells fresh and fruity and will turn your bath into a deep blue and green shade.

Holly Golighty Bubble Bar – £4.95

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I was drawn to this instantly because it’s so glittery! It turns your bath an emerald green and creates a cinnamon scent. You don’t need to put the whole bubble bar in at once, you can use it a few times which gives you better value for money.

The Magic of Christmas Wand – £5.95

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I love this wand. It’s such a great idea to create a bubble bar on a wand. You can whiz it around in the water until you have the desired amount of bubbles and reuse it multiple times. It has a spicy yet sweet scent that filled my bathroom for hours . Being called the Magic of Christmas sets up high exceptions which it certainly met!

What’s your favourite Lush product?



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