Making My Advent Calandar

Earlier this month I posted  about my Huge Christmas Hobbycraft Haul which included an advent calendar kit. With it being the 1st of December tomorrow it’s now made and ready to go! It was a lot easier to make than I was expecting but it did take hours!

Today’s post is a step by step guide to show you how I decorated it. The kit I used to decorate the  Wooden Advent Calendar  included the wooden advent calendar itself, deco mache sheets, glue, paint and numbers.

untitled (1 of 1)-281

Step 1: Remove the drawers and paint white.

The front needed two layers of paint with the sides needing three layers. You can see I spilled some in the gaps…oops! Luckily the drawers will hide those bits!

untitled (1 of 1)-305

Step 2: Add the Decoupage paper to the drawers

This was my favourite part of making the calendar. Decoupage is something I have never tried before. Decoupage is when you decorate objects with paper cut outs.

To decorate the advent calendar drawers  I cut the paper in to small sections, stuck it to the drawers and then I added a layer of glue to give it a shiny finish.

untitled (1 of 1)-306

Step 3: Add the numbers to the drawers

Adding all the paper to the drawers was a very lengthy process but once done I could add on the numbers which I just glued down. I went for red and white numbers and randomly stuck them on to the drawers.

untitled (1 of 1)-309

Step 4: Add treats!

You’ve finished so now all you need to do is add some treats to each drawer!. I’m thinking Haribo for mine…

untitled (1 of 1)-311

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