iPhone 6S Review

It was an easy decision for me to get the iPhone 6S. I’d had the iPhone 5 for three years and after dropping it one too many times it was definitely time for an upgrade.

It took me so long to decide what colour iPhone I wanted. The choices were space grey, silver, gold or rose gold. I originally thought I wanted the rose gold one but having looked at in the Apple store I didn’t think the rose gold and also the gold versions looked as good of quality as the space grey and silver ones. The space grey is black on the front and the silver is white on the front and being so used to having a white phone I went for the silver. I also bought a silicone case in turquoise. They call it turquoise but it’s more of a mint green to me. It makes me laugh how long I contemplated what colour phone to get when it’s covered up by my case anyway!

untitled (1 of 1)-261The next decision was to decide if I wanted the normal iPhone size or the iPhone Plus. Having not upgraded since the iPhone 5 when I originally saw the normal iPhone 6s I though it was the Plus as it was a lot bigger than my old phone. The iPhone 6s Plus therefore looked huge to me when I saw it so I went for the normal size.

My last decision was what storage I wanted. All my previous iPhone’s have been the cheapest option which was 16GB. It was never really enough space and I always ended up having to delete music or photos. This time I went for the 64GB option. I don’t think I will ever use all that but it’s nice to know I can put lots on my phone if I need too.

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When I starting using my new phone I was really impressed with all the new and improved features. The stand out for me is the camera. The camera is 12MP and every time I take a photo I’m amazed at the quality. Another welcome feature is the improved front camera. Usually when I take a photo using it it’s awful but when you take one using the 6S the screen lights up as a make shift flash which improves the lighting and therefore improves the photo! On top of this there is the new live photo feature. When you take a photo it also takes it a few seconds before and after so you are left with a moving photo! I ended up switching this feature off because I just couldn’t get used to it and much prefer still photos.

Having not upgraded my phone since the iPhone 5 another new feature for me was the finger print sensor. This was disappointing for me because I think if you have this feature switched on it needs to work every time but I can often be tapping my phone five times before it eventually works.

In comparison one of the best things for me about the phone is the battery life, it’s so much better than my iPhone 5! With the 5 I used to come home from work with about 2% battery. I walked to work so listened to music on the way which drained so much of my battery. Now when I get back from work there is over 50% left which is an amazing difference and I now never have to worry about my phone dying on me.

All in all I’m so glad I upgraded. Having more storage space and a better battery have made the upgrade so worth while with the improved camera being a very added bonus!

What do you think of the iPhone 6s?

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