5 Reasons I Keep a Diary

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1.To Remember Memories

I’ve kept a diary consistently for quite a few years now. I love reading it back to remember some of my favourite memories. My diary entries feature little details I’d completely forgotten about and reading them back and reliving them always brings a smile to my face.

2. Assess Mistakes

When I read through my diary I can sometimes see a pattern of mistakes I make. I never would have realised the pattern if I hadn’t of wrote them down. Seeing the pattern allows me to work on stopping it and improve myself as a person.

3. Be Reminded of Achievements

It’s easy to remember the big achievements you make in your life such as passing your driving test or graduating but what about the little achievements you make everyday. It’s good to remember all the times you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone. Writing in a diary is a great way to keep track of all those moments!

4. To Reflect

When I read my diary I always reflect on how I felt in a particular situation. For example when I read about an embarrassing situation I’ve been in my thoughts on the page are never really in perspective. At the time I think I will never get over it when  in reality I’m usually over it by the next day!

5. Improve Writing Skills

One way of becoming a better writer is to be consistent. Writing in a diary is a good way to do this because you will be writing in it everyday. You will see yourself develop as a writer with your writing skills improving month on month!

Do you keep a diary?

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