My Top Five Most Read Blog Posts

Here are the top five most read blog posts from my blog…so far!

1. Planning My Coffee Morning To Raise money For Macmillan Cancer Support

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This blog post has by far been my most popular post. It was the first post of mine to get over a thousand views! It’s all about how I planned my Macmillan Coffee Morning.

Across the UK on the 25th September 2015 thousands of people were holding coffee mornings to raise money to help people with cancer. As the event became closer the number of people viewing this blog post rocketed!

Most of the hits have come from people finding it in search engines.

2. Colour Consultation – What Colours Suit Me!


This was one of my first ever posts and the success of it really motivated me to keep on blogging. The post is about how I went for a colour consultation where a Stylist analyses what colour clothes and makeup best suit your hair, eye colour and skin tone.

I tweeted Colour Me Beautiful who are the company I had the consultation with and they retweeted me and posted it on their Facebook page. This sent a lot of traffic to the post and it was shared over a hundred times!

3.My Summer Reading list


For this post I wrote about what books I planned to read this summer. I tweeted all the authors my post and Giovanna Fletcher replied and said thank you for including her in the list. I was so pleased she read the post and she also retweeted me. When she retweeted me it was the biggest surge in traffic my blog has ever had and all of a sudden the post had hundreds of views.

4.James and Friends Stationary Review


I blogged about the stationary I bought from the James and Friends range. I purchased the stationary from Paperducks and they featured my blog post on their own blog. It was the first time my blog had been linked anywhere else.

This post is also one of the most hits I get through search engines.

5.App review Clinch


Last but not least is my review of the Clinch app. It’s another post that has got lots of hits from social media. This was largely due to Clinch sharing the post on all their social media sites multiple times!

What are your most read blog posts? 

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