Planning My Coffee Morning To Raise Money For Macmillan Cancer Support!

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Macmillan Cancer Support is a UK charity that provides practical, medical and financial support to those with cancer. They also campaign to push for better cancer care.

They are a charity very close to my heart as my Aunt died of breast cancer and my Grandad died of lung cancer. Back in 2010 I also used to work for Macmillan as a Fundraising Support Assistant so I have seen first hand the great work they do.

Every year they hold a massive fundraising event called the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. This year it’s being held on the 25th September 2015 (One month to go!) It’s where you host your very own coffee morning to raise money for Macmillan.

To get involved you sign up on their website here. You then get sent an amazing free Coffee Morning Kit with everything you need to get started!

Here’s what you get in your kit:

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  • Cake Recipes – Making cakes is a great way to raise money. The pack comes with a few recipes and in mine was an amazing looking Mocha Marble cake and a Mini Cherry Bakewells recipe.
  • Money Box – For guests to put donations in.
  • Spot The Cake Poster – This poster features a cake with lots of spot decorations on it. It’s up to your guests to guess how many spots are on the cake. They pay to guess and the winner gets half the proceeds from the game with Macmillan Cancer Support getting the other half.
  • Gift Aid Donation Form – If you pay tax in the UK the government will donate 25p for every pound you donate if you fill out this form!
  • Baked or Faked Game – This game comes with a blindfold. Someone puts it on and has to guess if the cake they are eating is homemade or shop bought!
  • Stickers – Written on them are fun quotes such as “I took The Last Biscuit’, ‘Star Baker’ and ‘Icing Queen’.
  • Cake Duster – The Cake Duster says ‘Cake Tastes Better Together’ Once you’ve made a cake you put it on top of it , dust it with icing sugar and then your cake will have “Cake Tastes Better Together On It”
  • Balloons – Green and white balloons to decorate your Coffee Morning with.
  • Cake Flags –You can write cake names/prices on these and put them in cakes.
  • Table Cover – This is green with polkadots on – it will make your table look great!
  • Invitations – Paper invites with space to write details of your event.
  • Your Guide To A Great Coffee Morning  This give you lots of tips to make sure your coffee morning a success!

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I absolutely love this Coffee Morning Kit. It’s been designed to allow you to effectively raise money for Macmillan but to also ensure your Coffee Morning looks great and you have fun!

There are also extra items you can buy for at the Macmillan Cancer Support online shop here.

I bought a Macmillan Cancer Support t-shirt, bunting and The Little Book of Treats book! The Little Book of Treats Book has lots of cake recipes in it that you can make. Loads of the recipes are by celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Dolly Parton, Dame Maggie Smith (from Harry Potter!) and of course Mary Berry!

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So now I have my pack I need to plan my Coffee Morning. Here’s what I’m going to do for my Coffee Morning that I will be holding at home:

1) Send out invites to my friends and family. I will mainly be emailing out invites which you can do here but I’ll also be sending out some of the paper invites.

2) Ask everyone if they can make some cakes.

3) Decide what cakes I’m going to bake (tough decision!)

4) Buy some tea and coffee and make sure I have enough cups!

5) Bake my cakes the night before!

6) Decorate the room with all the lovely decorations from the pack. 

7) Set up all the tea, coffee and cakes.

8) Welcome all the guests.

9) Give them drinks and cakes in exchange for a donation and play plenty of games.

10) Make sure they fill out the gift aid form if they pay tax.

11) Thank everyone for coming!

12) Pay in my donation to Macmillan Cancer Support!

I really hope I raise a good amount for the charity because:

£22 could pay for a Macmillan nurse to spend an hour with someone who has just been told they have cancer.

£62 could help someone with cancer claim the benefits they are entitled to.

£175 could enable a person living with cancer to heat their home when they really need to.

To sign up to take part or for more information please go to


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