7 Ways to Learn Photography

Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved taking photos. Whether it was on my phone, Polaroid or digital camera I wanted to capture every moment possible.

About a year ago I got a DSLR camera and that’s a whole different ball game, there’s a lot to learn but the quality of the photos make it so worth it! (Check out the My Photography Equipment post to see what I use)

I’ve still got so much to learn about photography but here are some tips if you’re a complete beginner:

Learn the basics

I did an online Diploma in Photography with The Shaw Academy. I got in on Groupon for £19 (it’s usually £495!) It covered everything I wanted to know such as shutter speed, aperture, editing and composition. I also attended some workshops to learn from the experts such as the London Zoo Workshop I blogged about.


Practice, practice, practice!

Like everything the more you do something the better you get at it which is why I take my camera to as many places as possible. I’m always taking photos be it landscapes, animals, family, friends or objects. When I first started I took so many photos of flowers because I found it easier to capture non-moving objects and you can get such pretty photos of flowers. I must have hundreds of flower shots in my collection!



Take photos at different times of the day

I love taking photos at different times of the day because it’s a new challenge that takes me out of my comfort zone. I try to test myself by mixing it up for example by taking photos at night or at sunrise and sunset.

IMG_1914 - Copy


Try different angles

The same goes with the angle. Sometimes I take photos looking down other times looking up. It’s an easy way to vary your shots and learn more about what works and what doesn’t.



Get creative

I started to set up shots to be creative such as these two photos. For the first one, I put penny sweets in a Coca Cola bottle. The other photo is someone spinning light-up hoops on their arms!



Keep learning

Never stop learning. Even those who have studied and practised photography still don’t know it all. I got a membership with RPS which stands for the Royal Photographic Society. You get a magazine each month, can join societies and they also run courses to help you progress. They run competitions too so you can see how your photos compare to others.


My latest challenge in photography sees me volunteering for a homeless charity. I go every week to take photos for their new website. It’s much harder than taking photos for yourself because you have a brief, less time to get the shot and you also know you will be sending them to someone for approval. Since I’ve been volunteering my photography has really improved because I’ve taken photos I wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to take which has made me think and learn more. I’m going to do a whole post about my volunteering when I finish the project so look out for that!

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