You Will Love Colouring in For Adults!

Colouring in for adults is a MAJOR craze at the moment. A quick look on Amazon shows that 50% of the books in the top 10 are….you guessed it colouring in for adult books!

I wanted to find out what all the fuss is about so I decided to purchase one. I chose Art Therapy – An Anti-Stress Colouring Book from Amazon. It was a bargain at £3.99 (reduced from £9.99).

The first half of the book features designs for you to colour in (a lot more intricate than the ones you had as a child!) The back of the book features pages for you to doodle on. So can this really help me de-stress? Time to find out!

I grabbed some colouring in pencils and started to colour away and immediately got a nostalgic feeling. I hadn’t done this in years! I got about 10 minutes into it and my mind started to change. Before it was thinking about how I’ve got that big deadline at work coming up, what am I going to wear on Friday and omg I completely embarrassed myself in front of that guy at the gym! Instead, I was now thinking should I colour that bit in purple or green! It completely cleared my mind! I got lost in the colouring in and it was all I could focus on – proper escapism from day to day life.

I also loved the result… the pages look so pretty now! I can see why it’s such a craze and it’s one I will be continuing with!

Here’s one I’ve started:

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