Apps you need in your life!

Some of the apps I use have had such a positive impact on me that I wanted to share them with you! The five apps I’m going to blog about are all on my iPhone and iPad and best of all they are free!


The Calm app is all about meditation and can be used to relax, unwind and calm your mind. If I’m feeling stressed, annoyed, sad or any other negative emotion I always reach for this app! It features a 7-day introductory programme that teaches you the basics of meditation. It’s perfect for when you need to relax and have some me time.

It also features relaxing scenes such as the beach, clouds and nature.  The scenes move and have sound so you can kick back relax and look at the crashing waves whilst you hear the sound of the sea.


If you’ve read my 25 facts about me post you’ll know I lost 3 stone (42 pounds). I doubt I would have lost as much without this app. Although I attended the gym regularly they say weight loss is 20% exercise and 80% diet which highlights how important it is to get the food side right.

This app has been the number one health and fitness app for four years! It tracks the calories you are consuming and logs the exercise you do. It sets the number of calories you should stick to depending on your weight, height and goals. You type in the name of the food and it tells you the calorie content. You can also scan the barcode and it will reveal the details of the foods in seconds! With over 5 million foods in its database, it’s rare to find food that isn’t listed!

It really makes you think about what you’re eating and drinking and realise when you’ve had too much! It also highlights what nutrients you are getting and indicates how close to your carbohydrate, protein and fats target you are.

To Me By Me

To Me By me is an app where you write a letter to yourself and set a date for it to be electronically sent to you. It does sound crazy to write a letter to yourself I mean why would you do that? I sometimes send a letter to be set to arrive after I’ve taken a big risk. The letter explains why I took the risk and how important it was that I did.

If the risk didn’t pay off the letter arriving after confirms I was still right to take it and makes me feel better about whatever situation I’m in. You can also use it to record a moment in time that you want to be reminded about in the future or to record goals you want to achieve and be reminded of later.


Next up is an app called Bloglovin. I only discovered this a few days ago but it’s made such an impact I had to blog about it. Bloglovin is the best app to discover new blogs. 20 million people use it (me FINALLY being one of them!) There are so many blog providers and this app brings them all together so you can read blogs all in the same place.

I’ve found this such a great app because it’s easy to find uplifting and inspiring blog posts to brighten your day and it’s also really interesting to see how the content of some of the top blogs.

On Bloglovin you create a profile where people can follow you so they never miss a post! –Here’s my Bloglovin profile!

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