Colour Consultation – What Colours Suit Me!

Being pale and having auburn hair I’ve always struggled to know what colours to wear. Black and grey always seemed the safe bet and yes 95% of my wardrobe consists of these dark and dull shades. I’d have loved to experiment more but I was beyond clueless about what would suit me.

That was until I heard about colour consultations where a stylist analyses what colour clothes and makeup works best for you. I was keen to find out how my auburn hair, pale skin and hazel eyes worked together and what colours they would suggest for me.

I had my colour consultation through a company called Colour Me Beautiful. It cost a hundred pounds which isn’t cheap but you only have to do it once for your wardrobe to be transformed forever. I was quite nervous walking in not really knowing what to expect but I was soon put at ease when I met Avril who would be my Image Consultant and Make Up Artist for the next 90 minutes. I sat in the chair in front of a mirror as she examined my hair and features:

“You’re definitely a warm tone!”

This was already life changing information!!! I’ve read so many articles in fashion magazines suggesting colours to wear if you were a cool tone and what to wear if you’re a warm tone. I never had a clue which one I was…until now! Avril then got out large swatches of material in so many colours. There must have been at least a 100 different shades in every colour you could imagine. She put each one under my chin discarding the ones that didn’t work and keeping the ones that did. I found it amazing to see how each swatch made my face look different. Some colours made my face light up and I instantly appeared bright eyed and wide awake. Others made me look super tired borderline ill (this included my staple colour of black!)

I was then given my own swatch set which comprised of 42 colours that suit me…that’s right 42 colours!!!

You can see that there is a wide variety of shades that I can actually wear. Quite a few of them shocked me and I would never have previously dared to wear anything in about 85% of these colours! The most shocking to me was that red suited me as I was always convinced that would clash with my hair. Also light gold came up as a match for me another one I was sure would clash.

It was then explained to me that my dominant colour is soft and muted. I was told to achieve harmony and balance I should be wearing tone on tone shades from the same colour group. It was then explained that when wearing darker colours I should do so by combining with shades that are one or two tones lighter. I was then warned to avoid colours that are too vibrant.

If that wasn’t enough it was then time to see what makeup suited me. The best tip I got was to use brown eye pencil. I’ve always worn black and always thought brown would look odd but it looks so much better. It still achieves the dark line but it suits me so much more. It was the first time I had ever had my makeup professionally done and all with colours I had never previously considered. I loved the results and was given a card with the shades for me to recreate it on my own. Here’s the card I got:

All this information came beautifully presented in a purple wallet that will be accompanying me on ever single shopping trip I ever go on from now on! I really can not recommend having a colour consultation/analysis done enough. It’s 90 minutes that will completely change your wardrobe and makeup routine forever. Time to go shopping….


  1. 6th August 2015 / 9:16 am

    I also used to avoid any other liner color, but black. I now use brown as well. It is a much softer look and still defines, beautifully.

    • 6th August 2015 / 9:22 am

      I love the softer look brown eyeliner gives. I wish I discovered it sooner!

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